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Bella Swan
15 February 2007 @ 07:49 am
So homework has been eating away at my life. I`ve barely had time to respond to my mom`s emails, let alone update this thing. My school work seems to be slowly lessening so I should be able to update more often.

Everything`s just been stressful, ecspecially with, well- him back.

Charlie`s been getting suspicious that somethings up, but he hasn`t really said anything to me yet. I keep jumping at every little sound- At least he hasn`t informed Renee about any of this yet. The last thing I need is for her to come here for a surprise "visit" to check up on me. I`m trying my best to sound calm in my emails to her.

Enough of my complaining... How has everyone been? I think homework is taking over the lives of every student in Forks at the moment-

 Charlie`ll be home soon. I should go put dinner in the oven.

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Bella Swan
19 January 2007 @ 10:22 pm
God, how did he manage to stay alive?! How did she get in the area?! Are they teaming up?!

Oh god- Charlie! What about Charlie?! What if they go after him-

My head is spinning. I keep jumping at every little sound- A car door just slammed- Okay, phew- It`s just Charlie coming home from work-

Just when I thought life was calming down, they reappear-
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Bella Swan
08 January 2007 @ 07:52 pm
I think the sun might be coming out soon- Wow, I sure talk about the weather a lot on this thing.. Anyways, I`m thinking about driving into Port Angeles if it`s nice this weekend, and try to get some new books or something. I have some money saved up, and since I still haven`t gotten my books from my mom`s house, I could use some new books to read.

Oh yeah, does anyone know where I could get some computer parts? I`m thinking that there`s no stores in Forks that sell them-
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Bella Swan
27 December 2006 @ 03:52 pm
It`s raining again. It`s raining, and I`m stuck at work, listening to Mike babble about one thing or another. Oh joy, a customer just walked in. I think I`ll let Mike handle him.

I hung out with Jake this past weekend. We just sort of walked around up at La Push, and talked. Charlie drove up to visit Billy, so me and Jake cooked some dinner. Well I cooked. Jake just kept eating everything...

Ugh I still have Chem. homework to do.. I better get started on that..
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Bella Swan
19 December 2006 @ 06:14 pm
Edward`s back from camping, which of course makes me happy, and Charlie grumpy. I can`t believe he`s still mad about the whole Italy thing-

Anyways, he can be as grumpy as he wants. At least he`s keeping his mouth shut when he`s around Edward...

English, I`ve decided, is really hard to study for. You never really know what`s going to be on the test, what questions are going to be asked. At least with math, you`re always doing the same problem, the numbers are just changed. Maybe I should of taken Mike`s offer and studied with him. Then again, I doubt I would of done too good of studying. I don`t think Mike`s studying skills are that good, so I was probably better off on my own. Well I wasn`t really on my own, since Edward was there-

I better go start dinner. I promised Charlie we would have spagetti tonight, so I better start making that..
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Bella Swan
13 December 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Charlie better turn down that tv. Some people are trying to study here!

Okay, I`m not really studying since school`s almost over, more like being bored to death. Edward`s gone hunting, so I`ve pretty much done nothing all week. I emailed my mom a lot, and hung out with Jake for a bit on Sunday. I would hang out with him more, but things are just still sort of weird between us. I mean, he dosen`t really like hanging out with me when I`m with Edward, and he dosen`t like hanging out in Forks, since there`s too much of a chance that he could run into the Cullens, so I always have to drive out to the reserve, and that gets a pain after a while.

I`m not saying that hanging out with Jake is a pain! I just mean, that it`s a pain how he and Edward won`t even try to co-exist!!

Urgh, anyways, enough with that..

I have an English test tomorrow, and Mike offered to study with me after work tomorrow, but I might pass. I should do fine on the test, but I`ll probably have nothing better to do.

I better go check on dinner. Charlie was supposed to yell when the oven timer went off, but I have a feeling that he`s a little preoccupied with the tv right now...
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